Ways To Make Your Home a Better Living Space

There are many ways to make your home comfortable. Decor, new furniture, indoor plants or even smart home devices are just a few ways to improve the comfort level. We’ve put together out top recommendations to improve your living space as it relates to the HVAC industry. After all, heating and cooling is the key component when it comes to your comfort.

First on the list is zoned air conditioning and heating. They way this is designed is it helps to reduce energy usage by precisely controlling the temperature in each room rather than the whole home. Accurately designed zoning systems typically pay for itself overtime with the savings of reduced heating or cooling in unoccupied areas of the home. With HVAC zoning you can choose between a multizone thermostat where sensors monitor and control each zone or one thermostat which is placed in each zoned area. We suggest HVAC zoning for those wanting the freedom to choose the comfortability level in each room of your home or have areas in the home that are often not used.

When it’s time to purchase a new HVAC system, consider a free quote with us! We use accurate calculations to eliminate undersized or oversized HVAC systems. An under or oversized system is unfavorable because it will result in wasting energy and higher bills. One of the bigger issues we see is the system will blast too much cool air too fast, instead of gradually cooling down the home resulting in the HVAC system shutting down. This is the start of “short cycling,” where the constant starting and stopping of the system can damage expensive yet important HVAC parts.

Smart thermostat allows you to adjust the heating and cooling temperatures from anywhere using an app, which who wouldn’t love that? If your leave for work in a hurry or are on our way out of town and forget to adjust your thermostat to use less energy, it’s an easy fix with a smart thermostat. One popular feature of a smart thermostat is it learns the temperatures you prefer and creates a schedule that caters to you. Plus, a summary of data usage is a great way track and manage unnecessary energy usage and can save money on bills.

Have a professional HVAC contractor inspect the whole duct system for efficiency and performance. When ducts are not properly sealed, air from the HVAC system cannot be properly distributed throughout the home. This results in more energy usage and higher bills. Since ducts are often in the attics, ceiling and walls it can be difficult to repair, and a HVAC professional is high recommended. During the inspection with one of our HVAC technicians, we will check for poor connections due to leaks or holes, proper duct sizing and any crushed or kinked duct that needs to be straightened. The return of air flow will be evaluated, and any leaks or disconnected ducts can be repaired.

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures your system is performing at its best and is in tip-top shape. Regular routine maintenance catches defects in your system before they become worse and more costly. Also, less energy is used when a system is performing optimally resulting in less of a carbon footprint. To take the hassle out of remembering to schedule regular routine maintenance, we offer a yearly HVAC maintenance plan. Just $60 a year a HVAC technician will

-Assess for faulty electrical connections that can damage expensive components in the system. Electrical connections will be tightened, and voltage will be measured

-Parts will be lubricated to optimize efficiency and performance and reduce friction. Parts that lack lubrication wear more easily and result in more repairs or replacement.

-The condensation drain will be inspected for cloggage. If the drain is clogged water damage in the home can occur, so it is extremely important to keep an eye on this area.

-47 pt. tune-up inspection is performed

Plus enjoy these additional benefits

-Up to 15% discount on repairs

-Up to 10% discount on new equipment purchases

-24-hour response time

-Priority service over non-agreement customers

-Scheduled service reminders for spring and fall maintenance, we reach out to you!

If you would like to discuss any of these tips with our team, call 480-653-1877.