Heating and Furnace Repair

You only want to trust the best AZ heating and air contractors for your home’s heating & furnace repair. Luckily, you’re in the right place for professional, cost-effective repairs and replacements. We specialize in Heating and Furnace Replacement and Installations in Phoenix, AZ.

We can help you spot the signs of a furnace malfunction and guide you through the repair or replacement process.

Causes for Furnace Failures

Broken Thermostat – Furnace thermometers can break or become decalibrated over time. This can make your furnace’s function lag or become ineffective.

Dirty or Clogged Filters – Filters gather dirt. It can become clogged over time, leading to issues with the whole system. If the air filters get too obstructed, it can infringe on your furnace’s job to warm your home. This stress on the system can age your furnace. Checking your filters regularly can prevent this.

Ignition Failure – An igniter is an essential component of the heater as its function is to light the fuel that warms your home. If this part isn’t working, the fuel won’t ignite, and it won’t heat your home. Typically there is an approach to check if your pilot light is operational. It’s good practice to have it looked at yearly through specialized Phoenix heating repair services.

Blower Motor Fails – The blower motor is what keeps the air moving throughout your home. In case it fails, the hot air won’t spread around your home.

Fuel Supply Issues – Most furnaces in Phoenix Az, are either electric or fueled by gaseous petrol. The most common problem with electrical heaters is poor wiring. Poor wiring will cause the furnace to blow a breaker. Call a furnace and heating repair Phoenix specialist to ensure your furnace is wired up correctly. With flammable gas, if you notice that there is an issue with your gas line or the fuel going to your furnace, it is suggested you contact Better Living Cooling and Heating quickly because gaseous petrol can be dangerous.

Risks when Ignoring Furnace Repairs

  •   Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  •   Poor Air Quality
  •   House Fire
  •   Shorter HVAC Lifespan
  •   Higher Energy Bills and Wasted Energy

Save money with a Heat Pump

There are two main options for AC in Arizona, traditional Central HVAC systems paired with a separate Heating system, or a single Heat Pump. Although furnaces remain the default option, many households and businesses have opted to upgrade their furnace for a powerful, environmentally friendly Heat Pump system – which often acts as the central air conditioner and heater for a double operation.

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